Akhila kerala kuravar Mahasabha

Akhila kerala kuravar Mahasabha is a leading community organisation in kerala which came in to existence on 20 March 1950 under Non Trading company Act. In its formatory stage Orgnisation it was known as Akhila Tiruvithamcore Kuravar Mahasabha.The Organisation was formed as a result of restless efforts made by Sri.P C Adhichen who was formerly a member of Sreemulam Prajasabha in Travancore and M L A in Kunnathoor Legislative Assembly and M P in Adoor Loksabha Consistuency. The Mahasabha emerged as a Protestant movement aganist Social evils in then existed Kerala Society. Sri.S K Raghavan who belonged to Kurava caste and employee in Leprosy Hospital in Nooranadu, who felt a great discontent in the deplorable Social Condition of the Community. He took a firm decision in uplifting in the community through an Orgnisation. He became the member of Sreemoolam Prajasabha. He utilized this time for the upliftment of the community in association with sri.Kallada Narayanan,sri.Sankaran from Kundara and sri.Thalavoor Kochukarumban . Their joint efforts were land marks in the formation of Mahasabha. Entry of sri. P C Adhichen in the activities aimed for the upliftment of the community after completing his education and job in culcutta gave a new inspiration and direction to the mahasabha. He met Sir C P Ramaswamy Iyer and made him aware about the Pathetic conditions of the Kurava community.This meeting was actually was the birth of Akhila Kerala Kuravar Mahasabha.Sri. Elanthoor Kumargi, Mannethu Padmanabhan Changanacherry sri. Parameswaran and sri.Ariyabhattu also contributed a lot of the formation of the mahasabha.

A seven members committee was formed by Pathirikal Sankaran,and sri. K C Ayyan as per the direction of sir. C P Ramaswamy as a preliminary stage of formation of the Mahasabha.Sri.PC Adhichen,sri. Kochukaumben,sri. Aruvikkara Narayanan ,sri. R Cheeralan, sri.K Ayyappan Panveeli were other members of the committee. In 1995 the Mahasabha was reorganised under the initiatives ofsri. Karangott Ayyappan . The revival meeting held in the Town UP school Kottarakkara.

The Youvajana Parisad ( Youth movement) was the dynamic force of the Kuravar mahasabha . Its founding leaders were sri. MR Ramkumar Ezhukone sri.,KS Krishnasastri,sri. Kochukunju Kizhkkecherry,sri.Sankaran Neduvamvayalil sri.Maranadue Narayanan Kottarakkara etc.Earlier the headquarters of the Youth movement was Pulimukku junction in Kottarakkara. Officially the KMS was established in 1950and started its functioning from since 1937. The KMS demanded the Harijan Commission in special education Institution and cultural form. Consequently many UP schools and ITI were established for the community. The first saka of the Mahasabha was established in Kudassanadu near Pandalam. Then its functioning spread over to eleven Taluks such as Kollam, Kottarakkara,Pathanapuram, Adoor, Chirayinkeezhe, Chengannur, Kozhencherry, Karunagapally, Nedumangad, Kunnathoor(Sasthamkotta), Mavelikkara


The Anthropological and sociological analysis reveal that the Kurava community belonged in Astroloied race and in kerala society they were Known as Adiyalar or paniyalar as their main occupation was the agriculture . Most of the groups were settled in hilly areas consequent on cultural, educational and economical pressure of the high class people. They Had their own folk culture and Art. The epic of Mahabharatha says that they were the helpers of pandavas(Kurathie’sNizhelkoothue) The Indian mythology points out that the God Siva and goddess Parvathi visited the earth disguised as Kuravan and Kurathi.The sacrificing capacity, Tolerance and Truthfullness were the particular features of this community. The Kurava community known as Hindu Kurava or Kuravan practiced Hindu religious rituals. But their chief God is Kalleli Oorali Appuppan, who was the incarnation of God Siva, situated in Kallelikkavu at the forest areas of Konni in Pathanamthitta district. Now there is a temple and daily offerings.

The renaissance of kerala brought about radical changes in society. There were many social reformers, Religious leaders and caste representatives in kerala , such as Ayyankali(Pulaya caste) SreeNarayanaguru(SNDP), Mannathupadpnapen(NSS)Kandan Kumaran(Sambhava mahasabha),Pandit Karuppen,Chattambiswamikal and so on. At the same period the Kurava community had a great leaders who worked for the unification and strengthening of the Kurava caste. The most important prominent leaders such as varkkala sri.SK Raghaven,sri. ManavilaRaman , sri.chelakkattu Sankaran, sri.TS Krishnan, sri.Kochukunjku Kizhakkessery and the youngest leadersri. MaranaduNarayanan. But among them sri. PC Adhichan was well educated and qualified person in the community during the formatory period the Mahasabha and who is considered as the founding father of Akhila ThiruvithamcoreKuravar Mahasabha. Now it is known as Akila kerala kuravar Mahasabha. Its head quarters situated at the kottarakkara in a Kollam district.


PC. Adhichen(Iyikkadue) KR.Sanker(Kuzhimathikkadue)
KR Sanker K Kochukarumben(Thalvoor)
K Kochukarumben R Cheeralen(Kulakkada)
A Narayanan(Karikkode-Kollam) Adv.R Govinden(Chathannoor)
Kochukunju Bhagavether(Kallada) S Kunjupillai (Punnala-Kollam)
PA Surya Chandren(Kaippattoor-Pathanamthitta) Maranadu Narayanan(Kottarakkara)
.K. Kochukarumben A Kunjuraman(Ezhukone Kottarakkara)
Ramachandren( Kurumbakara) Maranadu Narayanan
K. Keshavan (Adoor-2013) Venugopal (Kollam-2013)
K. Keshavan (Adoor-2014) E.K Nalinakshan (Pathanapuram-2014)
N.P Ramachandran (Omalloor-2015) G. Ashokan (Kollam-2015)
N.P Ramachandran (Omalloor-2016) G. Ashokan (Kollam-2016)